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Our Philosophy

At the heart of our endeavor lies a simple yet profound philosophy: raising the best requires feeding the best. Our journey begins with the careful selection of grass-fed cows, a breed perfectly attuned to the natural rhythms of the Utah terrain. These animals graze freely, indulging in the nutrient-rich grasses that blanket the pastures, allowing their muscles to develop firm textures and rich flavors that can only arise from a life lived close to the earth. This commitment to a grass-fed diet not only imparts a unique character to our beef but also aligns with our deep-rooted belief in ethical farming practices and the well-being of our livestock.

To complement this diet and to ensure the optimal growth and health of our cattle, we turn to the cultivation of corn and alfalfa, crops that thrive under Utah's sunny skies and temperate climate. These carefully nurtured plants yield grains and forage of exceptional quality, rich in essential nutrients that are seamlessly passed on to our cows. The integration of these crops into our farming system embodies our holistic approach, as we view the farm as a dynamic ecosystem where each element plays a vital role. Our corn and alfalfa are not just feed; they are the building blocks of an intricate culinary experience that unfolds on plates across the country.

As stewards of the land, we recognize the profound impact of our practices on both the environment and the end product. Our commitment to sustainable farming is reflected in every aspect of our operation. Crop rotation and natural fertilizers replenish the soil's vitality, ensuring that the cycle of growth remains unbroken. We embrace innovative irrigation techniques that minimize water consumption, a precious resource in the arid landscape of Utah. By nurturing the land, we create a nurturing environment for our cattle, fostering their health and vitality.

The culmination of our efforts arrives when our grass-fed cows are ready for the next phase of their journey. The butchering process is a reflection of the respect we hold for the animals that have nourished our land. Carried out with precision and care, it transforms the fruits of our labor into prime cuts of beef that embody the essence of Utah's fertile pastures. The meat's marbling, texture, and succulence are testaments to the integrity of our methods, to the slow and natural growth of our cattle, and to the flavorsome contributions of the corn and alfalfa in their diets.

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From these cuts, our skilled chefs orchestrate a symphony of taste that has garnered acclaim far beyond the borders of our farm. The steaks that emerge from our kitchens tell a story of Utah's landscape, a tale of sun-drenched fields and cool mountain breezes. Each bite is an homage to the collective effort of farmers, ranchers, and culinary artisans who have collaborated to bring this masterpiece to life. Our beef, celebrated as some of the finest in the USA, has found its way onto the plates of discerning diners who appreciate not only the flavors but the ethos behind each morsel.

Meet the Farm Managers and Farm Owners

farm OWNER - DON nielsen

Don Nielsen learned the ways of the farm from his father and upholds the values that created astounding beef from rotated pastures that are grass and alfalfa fed.

PEGGY nielsen - farm owner since 1970

Peggy Nielsen started the farm in 1970 as a family operation with a commitment to raising Prime Beef. The farm started operation in 1970.

STEVEN nielson

Steve Nielson is a farmer just like his father and manages the farm for his parents, taking care of the cattle, their feed, the slaughterhouse and marketing.

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