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We are a third-generation Utah ranching family, situated just outside Helpe, Utah at Spring Glen. We are 80 miles southhwest of Provo.  Pindhurst Farms  boasts abundant and healthy grasslands, that is perfect for raising cattle and crafting delicious, regenerative beef that ishighly sought after by renowned chefs and home cooks alike. 

However, for us, it's about more than just exceptional beef; it's also about operating a sustainable ranching enterprise and, in doing so, fortifying the resilience of our rural communities. 

Delectable Beef. 

The pastures of Pindhurst Farms serve as a haven for a diverse array of nourishing native grasses that our cattle graze upon season after season. When our livestock reach maturity, we finish them on a distinct diet that incorporates locally sourced barley, peas, and legumes. This carefully designed diet, coupled with a focus on slow production, low-stress handling, and selective breeding, yields the flavorful, tender, and well-marbled beef that both you and we take pleasure in savoring. 

Regenerative Ranching. Our ranching ethos revolves around endorsing natural processes, which is why we graze our cattle in accordance with Allan Savory's holistic management principles. For over a decade, we have diligently worked to enhance the health of the grasslands under our stewardship, nourishing our cattle, preserving the longevity of our ranch, and contributing to the resilience of our rural community. 

 We firmly believe in the ancient and essential relationship between humans and the earth. That's precisely why we are devoted to strengthening this connection, right here in the splendid state of Utah. Our primary focus is on local delivery, and we do sometime ship our beef beyond our state's borders. 

We are excited to provide our community with excellent meats, provide great service and answer any questions you might have. Give us a call, or visit our Facebook page. From family night to large gatherings, we can accommodate almost everything! Let us know how we can help you.

To place an order call us on 435-200-5911. We deliver to Provo, American Fork, Spanish Fork and Salt Lake City. We look forward to speaking to you.


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100% Grassfed and Alfalfa Fed Beef. Nutritious and Delicious

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