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Direct from Pindhurst Farms
Quality and Taste that has endured the test of time.

Delmonico steaks

  • The name "Delmonico" pays homage to the iconic Delmonico Restaurant in 1800s Manhattan
  • Our 100% grass-fed, organic Delmonico sets the stage with its robust flavor, generously marbled with fat
  • "Delmonico steak" is the same muscle or cut of beef as the "Ribeye steak" but does not include the bone.
  • 100% Grass  and alfalfa fed with non GMO corn.  Corn and alfalfa finished on our Utah farm
  • Grass-fed and alfalfa fed Delmonico steak has delicious marbling giving a succulent buttery taste
  • The texture is tender  for a smooth chew.
  • Steaks are flash-frozen and sealed in air-tight cryovac packaging,
  • Beef is always free from antibiotics and hormones - consistently high level of quality and a typical lean-to-fat content of 80/20.
  • Steakhouse quality


Tenderloin Beef (Filet Mignon)

  •  Filet Mignon - recognized as Tenderloin Filet - the epitome of beef tenderness. - tastes just like the steakhouses. 
  • The cut is both lean and succulent and boasts a soft velvet texture.
  • Filet Mignon originates from the Loin Primal, nestled beneath the backbone, a region also housing other beloved beef cuts like Strip Steak, T-Bone, and Porterhouse Steak.
  • This cut is versatile and truly shines when prepared on the grill or beneath a broiler.
  • Perfect for sophisticated dining occasions or special moments.
  •  Perfect for  timeless recipes such as Beef Wellington, or opt for a simpler yet equally satisfying approach by seasoning and grilling it to perfection. 


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