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At the heart of our ranching philosophy lies the principle that the health of our cows is intricately linked to the vitality of our land. Our grasslands have a rich history, evolving in tandem with wild grazers such as buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, and bighorn sheep that once roamed freely. While elk, deer, antelope, and sheep still traverse these grasslands today, our cattle have assumed the role once played by buffalo. In essence, we've designed our grazing practices to mimic the migratory patterns of bygone eras. 

This encompasses considerations of seasonality, grazing intensity, and duration, all of which have profound effects on plant diversity, rain retention, and the intricate life cycles of birds, rodents, insects, bacteria, and fungi, ultimately nourishing the soil. Our land monitoring protocols meticulously assess these interactions, steering our decisions towards the holistic ecological well-being of our environment. 

Our Seasonal Cycle: Spring: Our mother cows calve during spring to align with the peak protein production of native plants. The birthing process is remarkably swift and unassisted for our Corriente and Longhorn cross cows. Calves are quick to their feet and suckling within minutes, ready to follow their mothers. 

Summer: The period from March to October is a time of learning for the calves. They acquire essential survival skills, including predator avoidance, water source location, gate navigation, and foraging habits. This season teaches them to balance their diet and avoid toxic plants under the guidance of their mothers.

 Fall: By October, our calves reach a weight of 400-500 pounds and are ready for their initial separation from their mothers. We employ a gentle weaning process, keeping cows and calves separated by a fence to minimize stress on both. This separation allows the mothers to regain body fat in preparation for winter. Winter: Calves may be returned to the cow herd after weaning to further their education in winter grazing and coping with harsh weather conditions. Weaning also marks the time for breeding decisions. Based on genetics and performance, females are selected as replacement cows. These heifers winter with their mothers and are later joined by a bull , at around 15 months of age. These young cows then give birth to their first calf at two years old, often remaining in the herd for many years to come.

We are excited to provide our community with excellent meats, provide great service and answer any questions you might have. Give us a call, or visit our Facebook page. From family night to large gatherings, we can accommodate almost everything! Let us know how we can help you.

To place an order call us on 435-200-5911. We deliver to Provo, American Fork, Spanish Fork and Salt Lake City. We look forward to speaking to you.


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