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Beef Delivery to Park city

If you are looking for beef delivery to Park City then we are glad that you have found us.

  At Pindhurst Farms , we take immense pride in the humane and thoughtful way we raise our cattle, resulting in top-quality, hormone-free, dry-aged beef that sets us apart from grocery store offerings. 

Our Unique Approach: The beef you find here is unlike anything you'll encounter at your local supermarket. Unlike the massive feedlots that house thousands of animals and subject them to growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts, our cows thrive exclusively on our ranch. 

We maintain small herd sizes, ensuring a product that not only tantalizes the palate but also promotes health and well-being. 

The Dry Aging Difference: Our commitment to excellence extends to our finishing process, where we employ dry aging in a meticulously controlled environment. This specialized technique results in a level of tenderness that must be savored to be believed. 

The Importance of Grass-Fed: Choosing grass-fed beef makes a significant difference. Hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs often administered to grain-fed animals not only pose health concerns but also affect the quality of our food. We believe that lean, wholesome meat is achievable only when animals are nourished naturally. 

Why "Grass Finished" Matters: Many animals labeled as "grass-fed" are transitioned to grain-based diets before slaughter. Our commitment to grass-finished beef means our animals continue to graze on grass until the very end of their lives. No grains. No hormones. No antibiotics. No GMOs, soy, or corn. Guaranteed. It not only tastes superior but also promotes better health. 

Why 15-Day Dry Aged Matters: To unlock the fullest flavor and tenderness of our meat, we employ the 15-day dry-aging process. This carefully monitored, temperature and humidity-controlled 30-day journey tenderizes the meat while enhancing its flavor to provide you with an unparalleled culinary experience.

We are excited to provide our community with excellent meats, provide great service and answer any questions you might have. Give us a call, or visit our Facebook page. From family night to large gatherings, we can accommodate almost everything! Let us know how we can help you.

To place an order call us on 435-200-5911. We deliver to Provo, American Fork, Spanish Fork, Park City and Salt Lake City. We look forward to speaking to you.


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