Porterhouse Steak - Utah

Direct from Pindhurst Farms
Quality and Taste that has endured the test of time.



  • 30 pounds of steak
  • May contain Skirt steak, hanger steak,
    flank steak, beef tender loin steak, tri-tip steak
  • $240 plus shipping


T-Bone steak

  • Unmistakable T-shaped bone and abundant marbling, this steak is an ideal choice for your grill or stovetop
  • Preferred option for discerning meat lovers who prioritize both the quality and source of their meat
  • Grass allows for rich meat with strong flavor and tenderness - finished with alfalfa for extra marbling
  • 100% Grass, alfalfa and corn optimized diet with non GMO corn - fed on pastures at our Utah farm
  • Steaks are flash-frozen and sealed in air-tight cryovac packaging,
  • Beef is always free from antibiotics and hormones - consistently high level of quality and a typical lean-to-fat content of 80/20.
  • Steakhouse quality


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